YOU Parent

Concepting, Experience & Design Direction is a 24/7 online parental engagement product, available in English and Spanish, and a component of the YOU Program. I lead initial concepting and directed a digital agency during wireframing, prototyping, and development. After the product was launched in December 2013, I played an integral role in the devleopment of content strategy, analyzing user patterns through analytics and reporting on trends. I was also responsible for art direction and ingestion of visual elements.

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Content Strategy

To help develop a content strategy for YOU Parent, I facilitated group brainstorm sessions and built process flows with the team. This ensured everyone was on the same page when production began.

Content Strategy Brainstorm Content Strategy Process Flow

Staffing for Content Strategy

We continued to iterate on the process, making adjustments after stakeholder reviews. In this version of the process flow we focused on staffing, assigning hours for estimation purposes.

Content Strategy Brainstorm