Ollie Pretends

Concepting and Prototype Development / Focus Testing

Art Direction / Spec and Production Guidelines / Development

Opening the World of Learning (OWL) is an early learning program in English and Spanish. I was involved from the very beginning with focus tests, classroom visits, and collaboration with Editorial and Product Management, shaping the design vision for the program. The character of "Ollie" was created to assist the teacher and guide students on their journey. Developed prototypes and specs while overseeing a junior designer and development house moving into live development. The team produced a Teacher's Guide and multiple student materials including a variety of flash cards, Ollie Readers, Retelling storyboards, Routine Posters, and an Ollie puppet.

Design and Art Direction Ollie Reader Series

"Reading" at the pre-K level varies greatly. It's really all about letter recognition and visual verbal communication.

Owl Names Farm Names

Design and Art Direction Routine Posters

Since most pre-K kids can't read yet, these posters would be hung around the classroom to demonstrate different routines that students would learn throughout the year. #2 reminds students to think, pair, and then share. #12 reminds students to solve problems with communication.

Owl and Friends