Libby Self Visualization

Quantified Self Visualization

A project for a data visualization class at DePaul, I colleted data about myself for 3 weeks and then developed visuals to tell a story.

Playing Card

Alice in Wonderland themed playing card series, this is the 8 of spades, created for a class at DePaul.

Playing Cards Playing Card Sketch Playing Cards

Wedding Present Painting

Painted cat pattern, acrylic on 48” x 36” canvas. This was a wedding gift for my sister.


Character Development

Moozy's Ice Cream & Yogurt Emporium is a family-friendly eatery that specializes in frozen treats and tasty eats in Belmont, MA. They wanted a cow character for their signage and branding and already had a color palette to work with. The final logo, shown below, was designed by Leah VanWhy.

Moozy Moozy Moozy

Character Development

Pearson Opening the World of Learning (OWL) is a pre-K Texas reading program in English and Spanish. These owl characters were developed for the prototype to obtain approval and funding for the program.


Illustration and Design

I Know You, Grandpa Hugh! is a children's book that teaches the reader about a loved one who has passed away. Jennifer Shaffer Photography and I collaborated on this project.

Grandpa Hugh!

Character Development and Illustration

Stemgent works with scientists who develop innovative technology and application solutions that provide researchers the tools to investigate and understand cellular reprogramming. They needed some fun characters for the careers section of their website and wanted to include one character holding a "6 well plate." (I didn't know what that was either!)


Character Development

Indian Trails Public Library in Wheeling, IL needed a mascot for their kids website. Meet Igby! Designed for animation on the website, the character was loved by all. He was used on t-shirts, cards, promotion materials, and even became a full sized costume mascot.